Your personal fashion maven will help you understand that knowing
your body type is a must when choosing your ensemble.
The "A,B,C'"s of Body Types.  
Knowing your body type is as easy as A,B,C, or in this case
A,H,T. Knowing your type is essential in choosing the most
flattering ensembles. First, you should know that no certain
type is better than the rest. At My Fashion Maven, we believe
that ALL women are unique and deserve to look and feel
beautiful regardless of size or shape!
Are you an "A"?

A- Carries more weight in their bottom half than top. To balance things
out, A's should wear clothing and accessories that detract from the hip
Do- Wear scarves, short, close fitting necklaces, and attention grabbing
earrings. Wear darker colors on bottom and add a jacket.
Avoid tight fitted bottoms and horizontal stripes across hips.    

Are you an "H"?

H-Carries weight in mid-section.
Do-Create curves and distract from waist with empire waistline, low
slung belt, shoes that pop to accent slender legs.
Avoid-Gathered pants or tops that have detail at waist.

Are you a "T"?

T-Carries weight in top half.
Do-V neck tops and longer necklaces,bangles to draw eye to lower half,
darker colors on top and lighter on bottom.
Avoid-Large lapels,horizontal lines at bust area, and shoulder pads.

Are you an "X"?

X- Hourglass figure.
Do-Accent waist by wearing belts at waist line.  Wear fitted t's, pencil
skirts, and well fitted jackets and pants.
Avoid-Boxy cuts that hide curves and all over horizontal stripes that
add bulk.
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