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My love affair with vintage was recently rekindled when I found out about the East Nashville Vintage Boutique Crawl (ENVBC) that took place on Saturday, December 4, 2010.

Sadly, I didn’t make it to Fanny’s House of Music in time to check out any of the goodies (got there just as “Those Darlins” were wrapping up their set). So, I decided to set out on my own to check out some of the East Nashville Vintage shops I heard about. I already knew East Nashville was hip and I knew it had vintage shops, but I was overjoyed to discover that there are more hidden gems than I realized!

Since Fanny’s seemed to be the hub of the ENVBC, I chose to start there. First stop, Fanny’s House of Music. How did I NOT know about this place?

Vintage Instruments and Clothing! Rock N Roll!

Located at 1101 Holly Street in East Nashville, Fanny’s is housed in a charming, renovated bungalow. The cool thing about Fanny’s is they sell new and vintage instruments as well as vintage clothing. How brilliant is that? So, if you are a musician and you find yourself in Nashville, you can stop by Fanny’s and pick up a cool guitar, guitar strap, and a one-of-a-kind vintage outfit. In one stop, you’re ready for the stage! Even if you’re not a musician, you can still gander at all the cool stuff in there. My overall impression of Fanny’s is that it is a warm, inviting space with friendly staff. The vintage clothing selection is supplied by stylist Libby Callaway of Diamond Star Halo Vintage.

Libby’s done an excellent job of selecting an interesting and eclectic mix of women’s vintage clothing and accessories. The items are very high quality, lots of designer names, and reasonably priced. I especially loved the cool vintage purses that were on display! Fanny’s just moved up high on my list of places to check out when I’m looking for something special and unique. I will definitely be returning soon! www.fannyshouseofmusic.com

My next stop was The “Hip Zipper”.

East Nash Vintage

Now, I did know about The Hip Zipper because it is on 1008 Forrest Ave. right next to The Five Spot (bar). There is a good selection of vintage clothing and accessories for men and women. I like how the store is laid out and everything is very well-organized so it’s easy to find what you are looking for. The staff is also eager to help which is nice. The prices are really good and there are signs above the racks that tell you what the prices are for each item type (coats, dresses, etc.). I was especially impressed with their selection of women’s coats on my last visit and was very tempted to purchase several. I checked out their website www.hipzipper.com and found that they also rent out clothing for photo shoots, commercials, etc. This could really come in handy for stylists! Hip Zipper is a great go-to store for men’s and women’s vintage.

Third up, Goodbuy Girls.

Tucked away on 307 N. 16th Street sits Goodbuy Girls. It is a small space, but don’t let that deter you. What they lack in size, they more than make up for in hospitality, style, and service. I came in with an idea in mind and co-owner, Kimberly Faye Davison was eager to help.

And help she did! With her assistance I scored just what I was looking for; an inexpensive, short, mod dress. I was ecstatic when I saw the price….only $16! I just couldn’t pass it up!

Mod Print Dress With Tie Belt

There was lots of other neat stuff in there and I could have spent a lot more money in that place and still walked out with some spare change. Fear not, I WILL be back. Kimberly seems to genuinely care about her customers and that goes a long way with me! I’m willing to bet that GG will have many more loyal customers lining up to give them their money and I will be one of them. Oh, and I also love that they put outfits together on their website (gg looks) for inspiration. GG is co-owned by Kimberly Faye Davison and Tanya Montana Coe.

Nice job ladies! www.goodbuygirlsnashville.com Love those Goodbuy Girls!

Last stop was Made. 717 Porter Road

I simply HAD to check this store out to see what all the buzz was about. I was NOT disappointed. The space was smaller than I expected but I have to say that every inch of the space was filled with great finds!

I heard that Made houses vintage clothing and accessories as well as other hand-made items mostly made here in Tennessee, hence the name. I also heard that owner, Ashley Sheehan was a talented artist herself. When I walked in, Ashley sat quietly behind the counter sewing. I spotted some of the unique men’s ties that she had stitched designs on and they were really adorable. I could actually see these being worn by women as well as men. In addition to the ties, there were handmade pillows and collage art also done by Ashley. Clearly, Ashley is a talented artist as well as entrepreneur! I could tell that she is just happy to be there doing what she does best. Oh, and as I was there looking at her collage art, I realized that I actually owned one of her pieces! I purchased it five years ago at an art/music party and have loved it ever since.

Collage Art by Ashley Sheehan

The collages I noticed in the store were done in more muted, pastel colors and were quite lovely. All in all, Made is a great little boutique with lots of cool stuff. I liked the vibe they’ve got going and I’m sure I will go back again and again. Did I buy anything? Yep. I couldn’t leave without the vintage owl necklace that I saw hanging on the wall. It was a steal at $14 and I just happened to be searching for one of these…lucky me!

Vintage Owl Necklace

Ashley was super friendly and approachable when she rang me up. Nice job Ashley! Welcome to the neighborhood. You rock!!

Now, check out the outfit I put together with my finds!

Mod Squad

Molly Conley is wearing a mod print vintage dress from “goodbuy girls”, vintage owl necklace from “made”, and her own accessories: orange, vintage style coat with peter pan collar, white Steve Madden go-go boots, and rocker cuff bracelet.


Molly Conley modeling the vintage outfit with her own vintage leather coat with fur collar. She is surrounded by various instruments at “The Nut House” recording studio in East Nashville. Molly is singer/songwriter for the band Porter Hall Tennessee.
New stores discovered, an outfit to be worn and enjoyed, and new friends made. Mission accomplished!

P.S. I have to also mention Humankind Vintage. 604 Gallatin Avenue #206. Cool place doing good for the community.

“HUMANKIND is a socially minded thrift store in Nashville, Tennessee. HUMANKIND offers the perfect combination of both vintage and modern apparel at great prices. You can feel even better about giving your hard-earned cash for some sweet threads at HUMANKIND because 15% of the profits from the merchandise sold will go toward purchasing the required “standard school attire” clothing for refugee kids entering the Metro Nashville school system.” Now, that’s what I’m talkin about! www.humankind-nashville.com

P.S.S. I know there are lots of other cool vintage stores in East Nashville and I didn’t get to all of them this go round. I will definitely revisit this topic and delve into the others in the future.

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Whatever your style, vintage, eclectic, rockabilly, classic, or glam, My Fashion Maven’s got you covered!

Happy Shopping!

Angela Wynne

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