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My New Obsession…Bullets & Mullets Jewelry!!

Alright, I am officially obsessed!! If you are looking for some really cute, funky, unique jewelry, look no further! There’s stuff for guys and girls.   How adorable are these? And my personal favorite….  Love, love, love this monkey!  They … Continue reading

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Katy K’s Ranch Dressing–The Saucy Details

Katy K’s Ranch Dressing, located at 2407 12th Ave. S. in Nashville is one of the best places to get cool rockabilly and western wear.  Most Nashvillians have heard of Katy K’s Ranch Dressing and probably shopped there a time … Continue reading


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Wear It Out Manuel…Do you know Manny?

If you live in Nashville, chances are you know the name Manuel. He is an icon and a legend in Music City and rightfully so. He’s designed clothes for Elvis, Johnny Cash, Salvador Dali, and all three Hank Williams’. But, … Continue reading


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