BLACKCATFISH “Wonderful” Video Shoot

OK, so I had the opportunity to hang out at a very nice house in an undisclosed location in Middle Tennessee, to watch the making of a Hip Hop music video. Pretty cool, huh? The band is called BLACKCATFISH and they are a Nashville based, unsigned Hip Hop/Rap group.  BLACKCATFISH is Slim Chance, 5’3″, and Sam Brixx.

When I arrived at the mansion, I mean house, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I knew the video for their song “Wonderful” was to be a party scene and they wanted it to be an authentic party.  Things were very calm and although champagne was flowing, it was a very professional scene.

Upstairs, models were being primped and getting hair and makeup done.

Model, LaShan Mathews and Hairstylist Cintoria Franklin


The main models were styled by Makeup Artist, Cintoria Franklin, Hairstylist, KK of Works of Art Salon,

Doll House Model, Calla. Hair by KK of Works of Art

 and Makeup Artist, Char Braden.

Makeup Artist Char Braden and Model, Calla Rae Ketchens

The main models for the video shoot were provided by Doll House Agency.

LaShan Mathews of Doll House Agency

It was a very fun relaxed atmosphere as the girls were being styled.  There was plenty of food and drinks to keep everyone happy thanks to the gracious host, Jonte Gaines of T.I.M. Entertainment.

Mr. Jonte Gaines

Jonte was very happy and friendly and kept coming by to check on everyone to make sure they were having a good time!  We were!


Once the models were all ready, it was time to head downstairs to start shooting the video!

Ladies all dolled up and ready to shoot!

Mr. Slim Chance of BLACKCATFISH joined the ladies for the scene.

Mr. Slim Chance kickin' it with the ladies

They shot at other locations throughout the house, but we took a break for some food and fun!

Me and Mr. 5'3" of BLACKCATFISH

Notice how preppy he was dressed! I think this was just for the theme of the video.  All of the guys from BLACKCATFISHwere super sweet guys!  My only regret is that I didn’t get to hear them do their thang!  Oh well, they have a show coming up July 27 at the Muse. I’m gonna check it out!  You should too!
Can’t wait to see the video for “Wonderful” and I hear the band has a new album coming out Labor Day, “Aquarium”.  Exciting stuff!  Best of luck to you guys!  Thanks to Phillip of Doll House Agency, host and Producer,  Jonte Gaines, Slim Chance, 5’3″, and Sam Brixx of BLACKCATFISH for a super fun day!  I made lots of new friends and I count you all among them!
Peace and Love,
Stylist/Co-Owner of My Fashion Maven


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2 Responses to BLACKCATFISH “Wonderful” Video Shoot

  1. keith anthony

    man i am so….proud of ya…..when do i get to come on see yaup there…love all of ya….

  2. MaryAnn Bishop

    For the people who have not heard the Blackcatfish’s music or seen them you really should check them out. I am not a great lover of rap or hip-hop but, these guys put on a good show. I got to see them with another group called OffTop and that was amazing.

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