Phillip Johnson: Doll House Agency

Doll House Photo Shoot--Photo By: RioPhotoLab

Before I knew who Phillip was, I knew about Doll House Agency. I began seeing their name quite a bit prior to Nashville Fashion Week and I met Phillip shortly after. I was impressed with the Wine Wednesday event that Doll House hosted at Wear It Out Manuel during Fashion Week and took a liking to Phillip right away.

Since that time, Doll House has hosted many other in-store boutique events and countless photo shoots.

Phillip Johnson, the creative force behind Doll House Agency, is certainly a man on the move.

Phillip Johnson

I recently sat down with him to find out more about his background and plans for the future. I was surprised to learn that Phillip sort of fell into the fashion business. In 2006, he went to New York to see the play “The Color Purple”. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect since it just happened to be Fashion Week. Intrigued, Phillip managed to get on the guest list for all of the Fashion Shows and V.I.P. Events and from that point on, he was hooked. Manuel was showing that year and that made quite an impression on Phillip.

Two short months later, he traveled to Sydney, Australia for their Fashion Week. Phillip soaked up as much knowledge as he could and made valuable connections. Upon his return to Nashville, he wrote a letter to Manuel requesting an opportunity to intern with the legendary designer. As fate would have it, he was granted the opportunity and worked at the house of Manuel for about 2 1/2 years.

Another serendipitous meeting was with Nashville designer, Nina D. Phillip met Nina at a Benefit Show, made a connection and began styling Fashion Shows for her. This experience helped establish Phillip as a go-to-stylist in Nashville. He later started managing Sesean Bridges, model and cousin of Ludacris.

From there, things just evolved and in 2009, Phillip organized his own model calls and photo shoots. Before he knew it, he had signed 30 models and Doll House Agency was born. Phillip fondly remembers April Jewell as being the first face of Doll House.

Fast forward two years and Doll House is going strong. Phillip definitely knows the look he is after and has a clear vision for his future. So, what’s next? Well, Phillip is certainly not stopping with photo shoots and casting calls. He’s currently in the process of launching a menswear clothing line, King Phillip. AND as if that weren’t enough, he also has his sights on an upscale couture women’s gown collection, Queen Victoria. Oh yeah, and he is the in-house-stylist for T.I.M. Entertainment, and Operations Manager for Carlos Banolo. That’s a lot of hats to be wearing, but Phillip manages to take it all in stride. I bet you’re wondering what his secret is. Me too! I guess I will have to save that question for our next conversation. :)

Angela Wynne

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  1. Lacretia McKinney

    I am so proud of you Phillip!
    Love your cousin, Lacretia

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