Fashion Designers at Artigras!

Fashion isn’t just fun an a way to look good, it is an art.  Who doesn’t like a classic Channel dress or a David Yurman bracelet?  Fashion is not limited to these well known brands.  I attended Artigras in Jupiter, Florida last weekend.  It’s a venue for local artists to display their work.  For those of you who may have forgotten, fashion is an art!  I don’t mean art like Salvador Dali or Michelangelo, it takes someone with an artistic eye to design clothes and jewelry.

I spotted some interesting jewelry by Judi Wood.  Her jewelry is handmade.  I was drawn to what looked like a piece of coral only to find the closer I got that they were very tiny beads intricately assembled.  Judi was kind enough to allow me to take a picture, as unfortunately many people use other artists original ideas to replicate.  Well, she certainly should be flattered because this necklace was amazing and the picture doesn’t do it justice.  You can find Judi’s work on her website at

Necklace by Judi Wood

As I continued down the row of tents I arrived at “Handmade Chenille”.  Ok, don’t we all love the feel of chenille?  It is so soft, so why not be embraced by this material by wearing it?  Ira and Sue Lances out of Boca Raton, Florida offer stylish jackets and scarves.  One can tell the time it must take to make them.  Many different colors are used in each piece which makes for a very different look.   I was only able to capture one of the jackets, but there are many options to check out at

Handmade Chenille by Ira and Sue Lances

I couldn’t leave without taking a picture of this Lilly Pulitzer Jeep.  It looked like it drove right out of Barbie’s driveway.  Isn’t “Lilly” one of those brand names in fashion?  I guess it slipped in simply because she is a local too.  I must admit, it was pretty cute! 

Lilly Pulitzer Jeep

Find out where your fashion artists are and support them!  You will certainly have a one of a kind item in your wardrobe.  If you have an original piece and need help putting it together as an ensemble, go to and let us help you!  We are glad to make you look your best and original!

Andrea Hart Sobocinski

…Let us dress you up!

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