The Eclectic Style Of Porter Hall Tennessee

 Last Friday night, January 21, 2011, the band Porter Hall Tennessee performed at The Boro in Murfreesboro, TN.  They put on one hell of a show, but I am not gonna talk about that.  I’m gonna report on what the band was wearing. 

There are four members of the band Porter Hall Tennesee (PHT).  Molly Conley is the singer, songwriter, and acoustic guitar player.  Gary Roadarmel (Molly’s husband) is the singer, electric guitar player, mandolin player, and songwriter, Mark Pavlack is the drummer and Vince Wynne is the bass player.  Their music is a mixture of alt-country, punk, honky tonk, and rock ‘n’ roll.  Interestingly, their fashion style could be described in much the same way.  I’m pretty sure the band members don’t call each other up to plan what they’re going to wear to a gig — quite the opposite.  They each have a style all their own but when they’re all on stage, the different styles all seem to make sense.

Let’s start with Gary.

Gary Roadarmel

Friday night, Gary was wearing his signature black cowboy hat and cowboy boots with a super-cool Dangerously Delicious Pies t-shirt.  He had on a well-worn black leather biker jacket before the show which he shed before stepping on stage. Oh, and take a look at those chops!   I doubt Gary puts much thought into any of this, but the result is part bad boy rocker, part honky tonk cowboy.

Gary Roadarmel

Molly, on the other hand, has a more mod style going on.

Molly Conley Photo Credit: Angela Wynne

Molly’s auburn, stick straight hair and bangs give her that mod edge.  Add a 1960s mod print shift from Goodbuy Girls http://goodbuygirlsnashville.comand ultra mod, white patent leather boots from Steve Madden and suddenly you’re transported to another era.  If you look closely, however, you’ll notice some interesting accessories.

Elvis Bolo Tie and TCB Earrings Photo Credit: Molly Conley

Molly is wearing a black bolo tie with a picture of Elvis on it and a pair of gold TCB (Takin’ Care of Business) earrings in keeping with the Elvis theme.

Molly's TCB Earrings Photo Credit: Molly Conley

I assure you, I would NEVER have thought to add those accessories to the ensemble.  However, I love it and it makes me smile!  Their addition transforms the style to something along the lines of vintage, mod, rock ’n’ roll diva with a sense of humor.

The drummer Mark Pavlack,  adds a whole new element to PHT’s style.

Mark Pavlack

Mark is punk rock through and through and his style reflects that.  A black band t-shirt and Chuck Taylors are pretty much Mark’s usual stage uniform and Friday night was no exception. He is cool as a cucumber in appearance and style.  Nothing over the top but cool nonetheless.

The bass player, Vince Wynne  (my husband!) rounds out the group with his 1950s, country punk style.  I may be a little biased, but I happen to think he is one of the most stylish bass players in Nashville. :)

Vince Wynne Photo Credit: Angela Wynne

Vince rocks a close cropped 1950s haircut with black retro inspired Ray Ban glasses from Optique in Nashville  Add a black Plains Western Wear shirt with white pearl buttons from Katy K’s Ranch Dressing in Nashville for a bit of western flair.  Don’t forget the black Chuck Taylor’s to add a little bit o’ punk. Vince’s style: 1950s country punk.

Ok, so put it all together now and what have you got?  Bad boy, rocker, honky tonk cowboy, vintage, rock ‘n’ roll diva, 1950s, country-western, punk style.  Intrigued?  Check out PHT’s music and style at

Rock On!




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  1. Kim

    Fashion and music go hand in hand- cool article

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