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Whether you are a working mother or one who stays home, life has become all about your children. So where does that leave fashion? OUT! I remember the days of looking all week for something to wear Friday night and getting the right earrings for the outfit. Now the only thing that I am looking forward to on Friday night mostly is watching a movie after putting my daughter to bed. Of course, that requires little fashion sense. Hello days of sweat pants, goodbye cute little dresses.

So that is sort of how began. For years all I had to do is take a quick flight to Atlanta to visit my “glamour” girlfriend to see what the latest style is for the season. No more “shopping” in trendy friends closets and reading “Elle” magazine while working on my tan at the beach. Those are thoughts from a different time in a different season.

Blue Tunic for the Mom on the Go!

Enter a new season, stay at home mom. As blessed as I am to be able to do so, there is that “style” that is lacking. That’s where I began to call on my friend Angela, whom I have known since middle school. She has always known the very latest fashions and had a style all her own. She knows how to dress in appropriate situations with that special flair of style. Although I am mainly at home, my husband and I still travel with our company and go on frequent vacations. I began to email Angela frantically as the dates arrived. “What do I wear in April, in D.C.?” I don’t live there nor do I own any warm clothes! Not to mention the clue of what’s in style right now is not on my brain. Let’s face it, I couldn’t find my cell phone the other day for a few hours. I finally found it in the flower-pot outside from when I was working in the garden. I find myself pop-locking in the kitchen while making lunch to “The Wheels on the Bus go Round and Round”. Yeah, brains have definitely fallen out of my head for sure after having a child along with my fashion sense.

Tummy Flattering Leggings

So Angela becomes my “go to” fashion consultant. She would email me different outfits for the different venues. I would order them, have them sent to my house and I was done! I didn’t really have to spend time getting me and my daughter in the car, looking around the mall while trying to entertain a 3 year old. Not only did what she pick look great and chic, I got comments on my ensembles! What? Did I really look that bad before?

Must have comfy shoes other than sneakers!

Angela and I decided to start this site for these reasons. Busy women! I ran my own insurance business for 12 years before having a child and many times I was just too busy to even think of what to wear on my fun vacations. My closet consisted of work clothes. Now there is a place where women can go if they have been out of the loop to get fashion consulting for FREE! Trust me, I have seen Elin Woods and Venus and Serena Williams with their personal shoppers at Nordstrom. I highly doubt the shoppers are free of charge. I always thought that was for the rich and famous!

You can find other outfits for moms on the go by visiting our website.  Now that I have MY personal shopper, I can at least look like a cool mom on the go!

Andrea Hart Sobocinski and daughter Ella


“Let Us Dress You Up!”


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  1. So excited to see other fashion forward blogs geared toward helping a Mother out! I would love to add a link to your blog to my site.

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