Women Who Inspire: Gretchen Bilbro, Ava Anderson Non-Toxic Consultant

In our new blog series “Women Who Inspire” we are featuring women who inspire us to be better versions of ourselves. From working women to stay at home moms, there are so many women doing amazing things! We hope to celebrate them and inspire others!

This month our inspiration comes from Gretchen Bilbro.

Gretchen Bilbro with sons Serik (standing) and Austin (on mom's hip)

Gretchen is an Independent Consultant for Ava Anderson Non-Toxic. She does lots more though! Here’s some background on her. She lives in Murfreesboro, TN and is married to her husband, Chris. They have three boys: Serik, 4 1/2, Austin 4, and Asa, 2 1/2. Although she is a registered nurse, she chose to be a full-time mom after adopting their first child (Serik). Shortly adopting Serik, they adopted two more boys Austin and Asa. Having three young boys would be enough to keep most people busy. In addition to being a full-time mom she participates in charity work. Whew! I’m tired just thinking about all that!

After adopting Serik from Kazakhstan Gretchen worked with various charities to raise money for orphanages in there. Her work includes co-organizing a 5k race that raised over $10,000! She traveled to Kazakhstan last year to help build a playground in Almaty, Kazakhstan. She is also a member of a group composed of other moms who have adopted children from Kazakhstan. These women come from all over the United States. They have an annual event (Kazapalooza) with their families every year to celebrate their children’s heritage and presence in their lives. Last year, Gretchen was one of 4 organizers for this event where approximately 80 families participated.

Three years ago, Gretchen’s mom was diagnosed with cancer and was given a grave prognosis. Thankfully, her mom is doing remarkably well. The diagnosis, however, hit Gretchen particularly hard and caused her to reevaluate her diet and consumer choices. She began to educate herself on natural/organic foods and products. Her research led her to Ava Anderson Non-Toxic (A.A.NT) products. She was impressed by the company’s commitment to having ZERO toxins in ALL of their products; something that is virtually unheard of in the marketplace today.

Ava Anderson Non-Toxic does not use animals for their product testing and their products are 100% natural, non-toxic, and vegan. Impressed? Gretchen was. Not only did she start using the products she became an Independent Consultant for A.A.NT in September of 2010. One short month later she was #6 in national sales. Not a bad start, I’d say!

Gretchen recently took time out of her busy schedule to educate me about the Ava Anderson Non-Toxic products. Chatting with her, it is clear to me why she has been a successful A.A.NT consultant. It is evident when she speaks about the company and their products, that she really loves the company and their mission. She talks easily about the products and adds her own opinions, recommendations, and anecdotes about each one. I got to try the sugar lip scrub and I love it! My lips were so soft after using it all the way to the next day! One thing I love about the products is that they are non-fussy and not overly fragrant. I just had to smell all of them and like the nice, natural smells that each one had.

Right now, the Ava Anderson Non-Toxic line is fairly small. They have skin care and makeup (powder foundation, lipstick, lip balm, and lip gloss), hair care products (shampoo and conditioner), and makeup brushes (made with no animal hair). I also appreciate the packaging, again–simple and non-fussy but tasteful. The company has only been around for about a year so my guess is that more products are in the works.

I can see why Gretchen is so excited about Ava Anderson Non-Toxic! It’s good for the environment and good for you! All the ingredients are natural, excellent quality, and reasonably priced. What’s not to love?

You can host an Ava Anderson Non-Toxic party and invite all your girlfriends to try out the products with you. Ava Anderson Non-Toxic Consultants will come to your house (or wherever you hold the party) and educate you on the hazards of toxic products, the benefits of Ava Anderson Non-Toxic line, and let you sample the products. Sounds fun, right?

Well, I am so glad that I found out about Ava Anderson Non-Toxic and I can’t wait to try all the products and host a party! Thanks for sharing Gretchen!

If you would like to find out more about Ava Anderson Non-Toxic you can contact Gretchen at gretchen.bilbro@gmail.com.

P.S. Mention this blog in January and you will receive 10% off your order!

P.S.S. Ask Gretchen about the great incentives for hosting a party this month!


Good Luck Gretchen! Thank you for inspiring us!

Angela Wynne


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3 Responses to Women Who Inspire: Gretchen Bilbro, Ava Anderson Non-Toxic Consultant

  1. Thanks so much Angela and My Fashion Maven for the wonderful article. It is great to see people help share this alternative to traditional toxic beauty products.

  2. Kristan

    I am so proud to know Gretchen as a personal friend. She is an amazing mom, caring friend and has a huge loving heart. How wonderful not only to read about such an inspiring woman, but to be inspired by her on a regular basis in real life.

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