Top 10 Most Stylish Musicians in Nashville of 2010

As 2010 draws to a close, I am reflecting on all the shows I have seen in Nashville and I gotta tell ya, I have seen a LOT. Not just this year, but in the past several years. And every time I attend a show, I can’t help but notice what people are wearing. I pay ATTENTION and I make mental notes. I especially note what musicians and singers choose to wear on stage. I think it says a lot about them. So, with that in mind, I’m gonna tell you who I think has got it goin’ on in Nashville.

Keep in mind, this list is limited to artists I have seen perform. So, the genres are limited to my taste as well. I’m sure there are lots of other stylish artists out there and I am counting on YOU to tell me who they are! :)

Before I get into the list, here’s what I think makes someone “stylish” in the first place. Confidence is probably the biggest factor. It goes a long way to convincing people that you are worth looking at and listening to! Original style also sets these folks apart. I love it when I see someone who wears things that I would never think to put together! Those are the people who have their own style and aren’t just copying someone else’s. Since we are talking music, overall stage presence and delivery also contributes to their style. It’s the whole package for me Here we go people, here’s my top ten starting with number 10:
10) Mikky Ekko

Photo Credit: Vince Wynne

Mikky’s style is casual and simple. He usually wears a white t-shirt and jeans with some combat/worker boots.  On any other person, this would not be extraordinary, but on him it is.  He’s got this thick mane of wild curls that add to the effect.  When he sings on stage, he often has his face painted.

Photo Credit: Vince Wynne

I don’t know the reason for the face paint, but it’s definitely cool.  When Mikky is on stage singing, he is totally captivating.  He’s got that confidence and presence that you just can’t ignore.  Oh yeah, and he’s got a great voice too!

 9) Butterfly Boucher

Photo Credit: Vince Wynne


First of all–cool name and I think it’s her given name–not a made up one. And she’s anything but a poser. She can wear anything and make it look interesting and unique. I have seen her play a handful of times both as a solo act and in the band Elle Macho and she always looks so cool but like she’s not trying to be cool…she just is.

Butterfly comes across as strong and independent but beautiful and feminine at the same time. She comes from a very talented, musical family, and her sister Eden from the band Lover's Electric is a talented musician as well as fashion designer. Eden has her own fashion label Eden Honeydew I guess music and fashion run in the family!

8) Nathan Barlowe:
Nathan is the super hot and talented singer for the band Luna Halo and The Honeymoon Thrillers.

Luna Halo

The Honeymoon Thrillers

Although I have only seen Nathan perform with Luna Halo a few times over the years, he certainly made an impression on me! Oh, how I would love to peek into his closet! Nathan has the ability to pull off any look and manage to look well put together, cool, and sexy. One time I saw him with Luna Halo and he was wearing a red velvet blazer with a ruffle front tuxedo shirt, a mullet and 70′s mustache. Sound corny? Nope!

Photo Credit: Vince Wynne

The next time I saw him, he was sporting a more sleek, close-cropped haircut, heavy black eyeliner, a black leather jacket, a white shirt, and a black tie for a more 90′s look. Two totally different looks. Both hot!

Photo Credit: Vince Wynne

Nathan is full of energy when he performs and he and his band put on a fabulous show! I can honestly say that the times I have seem him perform with Luna Halo, I have been completely transfixed. I can’t wait to see him with The Honeymoon Thrillers.

7) Eulene Sherman

Eulene is the singer and bass player for one of my favorite bands in Nashville, The Jane Shermans Eulene’s vocals are sultry and beautiful and her overall presence could be described in much the same way. Her style is something along the lines of vintage meets rocker chic (think Debra Harry meets Cheryl Crowe) and she’s in killer shape!

Photo Credit: Kevin Oatsvall

Eulene has great taste in shoes and I’m always eager to check out what she’s wearing. Add to that the bad-ass black Gibson Explorer bass that she totally “rocks” and you’ve got yourself a force to be reckoned with!

But don’t be fooled her tough-as-nails image. Eulene is super sweet! Nuff said.

 6) Chris Casello

Chris Casello at Robert's Western World

My take on Chris: rockabilly, honky-tonk, modern-day western, singer/guitar player with a great head of hair! Chris is in the band Brazilbilly and The Chris Casello Trio.


Catch his super-cool stylings and guitar virtuoso at Robert’s Western World on Broadway or anywhere else you can. You just have to see him to know what I mean. He is easily one of the best guitar players in Nashville and he is one sharp dresser! Oh, and don’t be surprised if Manuel is in the audience! That should tell you something!

5) Emmylou Harris

Ah, Emmylou…such a beautiful, talented, lady. She has to have the most beautiful gray hair I have ever seen! In fact, I think she gets more beautiful with each year that passes. Emmylou’s got a very casually elegant style which usually consists of flowing skirts or dresses, cowboy boots, and an interesting bangle bracelet or two.

Dave Matthews, Emmylou Harris, and Elvis Costello

Finally, she’s a dog lover! Emmylou founded Bonaparte’s Retreat, a shelter for adoptable furry friends.

Emmylou is a true Nashville style icon in every sense of the word.

4) Angelo Petraglia

Angelo is guitar player for The Jane Shermans, co-producer for Kings of Leon, and writer for countless other artists. He’s clearly extremely talented, but you won’t see Angelo walking around like a conceited star. Angelo is the epitome of cool though and when he walks in the room, you just feel the coolness radiating around him. He is the coolest of cool.

Photo Credit: Kevin Oatsvall
3) Jack White

Jack White and Wife Karen Elson

Jack clearly understands the power of color. From the red and white color scheme of The White Stripes

Jack White and Meg White of The White Stripes

Meg and Jack

To the black, white and yellow scheme of Jack’s record store Third Man Records

Jack White inside Third Man Records

Third Man Records Nashville

Jack’s definitely proof that image and style do matter!

2) Like Candy Red

Saw this group perform at the VIP Soiree for Nashville Fashion Week and thought they were just adorable. The three singers are sisters Bree, Lyndee, and Hailey.Take a look at their press photos.

The Girls of Like Candy Red

Either they have a fabulous stylist or image consultant or they are all just fashionistas with great taste. Regardless, they get two thumbs up for their style!

Like Candy Red The whole band


1) Hillbilly Casino

Hillbilly Casino gets my vote for most entertaining, most stylish band in Nashville, bar none! They’re rockabilly punk at it’s best. The band members are: Nic Roulette, singer, Geoff Firebaugh, upright bass player, Ronnie Crutcher, guitar, and Andrew Dickson on drums. Nic Roulette, the singer and front man extraordinaire looks like he just walked off the set of Rebel without a Cause.

Nic Roulette (front) and the rest of the Hillbilly boys

Nic’s got the swagger of Elvis and the fire of Jerry Lee Lewis.

Nic Roulette

The whole band is super cool down to the instruments they play.

HC's Gear

Looking forward to seeing more of these guys in 2011!

The One and Only...Hillbilly Casino

Happy New Year!

Angela Wynne

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