The 12 Fashion Finds of Christmas: by Chloe


Hey Gals! Happy Holidays! We are counting down the days til Christmas and are featuring one great fashion find each day. Follow us on Twitter to see the daily updates. I think you will notice a trend with the finds. Here is a hint: Liza is doing it up for New Year’s Eve in Palm Beach, FL. Can you guess where she’s going? All of these items are beautiful, glamorous, and perfect for New Year’s Eve or any special occasion.

So, today we are on the 5th day of Christmas. Here is what My Fashion Maven Found today.

Elegant Menbur Satin Clutch with Loads of Bling!

How AMAZINGLY gorgeous is this clutch??

You can check out all 12 finds in the link below. You can purchase them directly from the link or at on the tab “Shop Fashion Maven”.
Have a decadent, glamorous, amazing Holiday!



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