Something about us...
My Fashion Maven is the result of a long-time friendship between Andrea Sobocinski and Angela Wynne.
Andrea and Angela have been friends for over 20 years and have worked in a Corporate Environment for
30 years combined. Both women have faced the challenges with balancing work and family.  From this
and enable them to give back to others.

The owners of My Fashion Maven are Andrea Sobocinski ( West Palm Beach, FL)  and Angela Wynne
(Nashivlle, TN).  Andrea has a background in marketing, sales, entrepreneurship.  Angela has experience
in fashion, retail, and financial services. Both women share a passion for helping others and are sensitive
to the unique struggles that women face in the workforce.

Mission Statement:

The primary goal of My Fashion Maven is make fashion fun and accessible to all women. My Fashion
Maven wants to uplift and support women and give them confidence to feel beautiful and realize their
fullest potential. My Fashion Maven realizes that all women are beautiful and unique. We want to help
women enhance their natural beauty by finding clothing and accessories that accentuate their best free of
charge. Because we believe in giving back to the community we wish to align ourselves with other
like-minded organizations, boutiques and charities so that together we can make a positive impact.

How We Will Do This?:

We offer free fashion consulting at our website  However, we offer gift ideas
for men as well. We will help raise awareness of various social and women's issues by featuring
organizations that share similar values and ideas. Lastly, as My Fashion Maven grows, we hope to be able
to employ women who have special needs My Fashion Maven's primary focus will be empowering women.
We will be targeting mostly women that can help us such as disabilities that prevent them from working in
a corporate setting as well as women who have family commitments and need to work from home. We will
also offer intern opportunities to young women and help them gain valuable work experience.


Empowering Women
Doing Good
Being Kind
Having Fun!

My Fashion Maven...Let Us Dress You Up!

Andrea Sobocinski: Co-owner and Operator of My Fashion Maven, Marketing and Web Director
Angela Wynne: Co-owner of My Fashion Maven, Fashion Consultant and Design Coordinator